Eligible Customers

Eligible Customers

Washington State Correctional Industries offers eligible customers quick and easy access to quality products and services through various authorities provided under the Revised Code of Washington. The following customers are eligible to purchase from Correctional Industries.

  • Washington State agencies and political subdivisions of Washington State and Oregon State.
  • U.S. Government agencies and political subdivisions (federal, states, cities, counties, municipalities)
  • Certified Not-for-profit organizations
  • Participating institutions of higher education (universities, community and technical colleges)
  • Public Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Tribal/Indian Nation
  • Private contractors, when supplying any of the above entities

If you are still unsure of your organization's eligibility, please contact CI Customer Care at 1.800.628.4738.

Why Buy From CI

Correctional Industries are the work programs in correctional facilities that provide real world work experience to inmates. They are the only self-funded reentry support program in corrections. Besides facilitating successful reentry for inmates, enhancing public safety by reducing recidivism, and saving taxpayers' money, your purchases from CI also provide you with the following:

Offender Accountability

Wages earned through CI jobs contribute to an inmates cost of incarceration, legal financial obligations, victim restitution, family support and build a mandatory savings account.

No Bids Required

Buying from Correctional Industries is simple through our mandatory and convenience Contracts available for use by Federal, State, City, County, Tribal and Non-Profit agencies.

Supporting Local

Correctional Industries contributes millions of dollars each year to the Washington State economy through purchases from local suppliers and payment of staff salaries.

One-Stop Shopping

Finding everything you need is easy when working with our dedicated staff. If it's not available in our standard offering, we will find it for you.

One-on-One Assistance

Knowledgeable CI staff are only a phone call away. They can assist you in choosing the right solution for your needs, or let us help you plan a new project.

Free Custom Design

We have a team of designers that can work with you on customized products - free of charge when you purchase from Correctional Industries.

Sustainable Practices

Earn green credits by purchasing products from CI that are recyclable or constructed from recycled products.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Correctional Industries is committed to the success of its customers. Our job is not done until you say it is!

Free Shipping

Most items include free shipping to any destination within the state of Washington.